Saint Pendants


Saint Christopher (Travel): The patron saint of travel. For protection and safety when traveling, whether on public transportation, driving, or even walking.


Saint Francis of Assissi (Pets): Patron Saint of animals. For protection of our much-loved pets.


Saint Gerard (Child Bearing): Patron saint of child bearing. A special saint for those who are trying to conceive or for expectant mothers.


Mother MaryMother offers many graces and mercy to all those who call upon her intercession with her divine Son. Mary serves as the patron saint of all human beings, watching over them. 


Saint Michael (Military): Patron saint of universal peace, safety, and security. Members of the armed forces also consider him as their patron saint.

Saint Raphael (Healing): Patron saint of healing. His name means "God's Healing." His intercession is known to heal all forms of sickness and pain in both humans and animals.


Saint Valentine (Love): Patron saint of love. Saint Valentine can intercede for us to have happy relationships. He also is known to help those looking for love.

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